Software Testing using Open Source Tools (Selenium)

This course is especially designed for the participants to perform software testing using open source tools. Open Source testing tools are in high demand due to cost advantage and the flexibility they offer for testing professionals. This course includes basics of software testing in addition to open source tools, like, Selenium, Sahi, AutoIT etc.


Objectives / Benefits

  • To perform more sophisticated actions on software by improving testing skills using open source tools, like, Selenium, AutoIT, Sahi etc.
  • To equip participants with advanced testing skills so that they can perform testing jobs very well and improve their job prospects.


3 Months – 6 hours per week – Classes are held on weekdays and weekends as per participant’s choice


Course Outline

Week 1 to Week 2

  • Basics of Software Testing course is covered

Week 3 to week 5

  • Why Java for Selenium
  • Features of Java
  • Advantages of Java
  • Java v/s other programming languages
  • Installation of java
  • Setting path for java
  • Introduction of Eclipse
  • Installing Eclipse
  • Studying about different Eclipse prospective
  • Creating and executing first java program
  • Learning about Classes and Functions
  • Variable types
  • String operations
  • Access Specifiers, Static and Final Keywords
Conditions and loops
  • Using IF, IF-Else and Switch
  • While, do-while and For
  • Sample programs
  • Arrays
  • Usage of Arrays
  • Single and Multi dimension Arrays
  • Limitations of Arrays
  • Sample programs
  • Usage of Arrays
  • Single and Multi dimension Arrays
  • Limitations of Arrays
  • Sample programs
Object Oriented programming concepts
  • Encapsulation
  • Properties and Methods
  • Usage of global variables
  • Reference and Object types
  • Main class v/s Friend classes
  • Case Study of real time scenario
Why Inheritance
  • Parent and sub classes
  • Types of Inheritance
  • IS-A and HAS-A relationship
  • Usage of Accesses Specifiers with respect to Inheritance
  • Case Study of real time scenario
Why Polymorphism
  • Overloading and Overriding
  • Static and Dynamic Polymorphism
  • Case Study of real time scenario
Interfaces and Packages
  • Usage of interfaces
  • Abstract class
  • Interface v/s Abstract
  • Usage of Packages
  • Creating Packages
  • Case Study of real time scenario
File IO
  • Usage of File IO
  • Reading and Writing to a file
  • Usage of Properties file and Xls files
  • Reading data from properties and Xls files
  • Over view of Collections
  • Overcoming Array Limitations
  • Usage of List
  • Usage of Set
  • Sample programs o

Week 6 to Week 7

  • Introduction to Automation (1 hr)
  • What is Automation Testing
  • Difference between Manual and Automation
  • Benefits of Automation
  • What of Automation
  • Assignment
  • Overview of Selenium (2 hrs).
  • Selenium
  • Types of Selenium (Core, IDE, RC and Grid)
  • Goals and Objectives of Selenium
  • Various versions of Selenium IDE and RC
  • Advantages and Limitations of Selenium IDE
  • Selenium (Basics) course details
  • Selenium Installation and Start
  • Explanation of Selenium IDE Pane (Table and Source view)
  • Test Script Creation Demo (Record and Play Back Mode)
  • Creating and Executing Test Suite
  • Assignment

Week 8 to Week 12

Note: From 3rd Week onwards, we will try to put candidate in Real time live projects and regular asignments will be given to them till Week 12


Who Should Attend?

Students and job-seekers from any discipline. Also, any interested candidates who wishes to make their career in software testing can join these courses.


Trainers Profile

Our trainers (includes IITians and industry veterans) have strong expertise on software engineering, testing concepts, commercial and open source tools. Their profile can be accessed from our experts page. Also, OpCord testing team will assist in providing real time experience and value to participants.


How to Register?

Please Click Here to know the schedule, venue and cost for the program. Please Click Here to register for the program and you may call us at 91-9620887298 to know about special offers/discounts for early registrants, group registrations and corporates.