Test Automation using Selenium (Intermediate)

Basic WebDriver

  • Why WebDriver for Selenium
  • WebDriver v/s RC
  • Why not RC
  • Architecture of WebDriver and RC
  • Advantages of WebDivers
  • Installing WebDriver
  • Configuring Eclipse for WebDriver
  • First program on WebDriver
  • Accessing Multiple browsers using WebDriver
Working with IE and Firefox Browsers
  • Open and Close IE and Firefox
  • Default profile creation in Firefox
  • Bypassing proxy settings in Firefox
  •  Accessing Basic HTML Elements
Form Controls
  • Accessing Input box
  • Accessing Radio Buttons
  • Accessing Checkbox
  • Accessing Dropdown
  • Accessing Submit Buttons
  • Accessing Links
  • Accessing Calendar
  • Accessing Google autosuggest

Advance WebDriver

Accessing Forms
  • Gmail.com signup and login
  • Accessing Registration Forms
  • Input data into Registration Forms
  • Submit Registration Forms
  • Accessing Login Forms
  • Input data into Login Form
  • Submit Login Form
Accessing Links and Sub Links
  • google.com links
  • Accessing all the links on a page
  • Accessing links inside a block
Listing and Selecting Dropdown options
Reading Table
  • Cricinfo.com score card
  • Accessing rows
  • Accessing columns
Accessing Child Windows
  • Popup v/s Tabbed
  • Alert v/s Confirmation
  • Opening, accessing and closing tabbed windows
  • Opening, accessing and closing popup windows
  • Opening, accessing and closing Alert windows
  • Opening, accessing and closing confirmation windows
Handling Events on a webpage
  • Keyboard events
  • Mouse Events
Uploading and Downloading Files
  • Uploading images
  • Downloading different file types

Learning Java for Selenium Courses(Intermediate)

  • Why Java for Selenium
  • Features of Java
  • Advantages of Java
  • Java v/s other programming languages
  • Installation of java
  • Setting path for java
  • Introduction of Eclipse
  • Installing Eclipse
  • Studying about different Eclipse prospective
  • Creating and executing first java program
  • Learning about Classes and Functions
  • Variable types
  • String operations
  • Access Specifiers, Static and Final Keywords
Conditions and loops
  • Using IF, IF-Else and Switch
  • While, do-while and For
  • Sample programs
  • Arrays
  • Usage of Arrays
  • Single and Multi dimension Arrays
  • Limitations of Arrays
  • Sample programs
  • Usage of Arrays
  • Single and Multi dimension Arrays
  • Limitations of Arrays
  • Sample programs
Object Oriented programming concepts
  • Encapsulation
  • Properties and Methods
  • Usage of global variables
  • Reference and Object types
  • Main class v/s Friend classes
  • Case Study of real time scenario
Why Inheritance
  • Parent and sub classes
  • Types of Inheritance
  • IS-A and HAS-A relationship
  • Usage of Accesses Specifiers with respect to Inheritance
  • Case Study of real time scenario
Why Polymorphism
  • Overloading and Overriding
  • Static and Dynamic Polymorphism
  • Case Study of real time scenario
Interfaces and Packages
  • Usage of interfaces
  • Abstract class
  • Interface v/s Abstract
  • Usage of Packages
  • Creating Packages
  • Case Study of real time scenario
File IO
  • Usage of File IO
  • Reading and Writing to a file
  • Usage of Properties file and Xls files
  • Reading data from properties and Xls files
  • Over view of Collections
  • Overcoming Array Limitations
  • Usage of List
  • Usage of Set
  • Sample programs o