We automate tests using open source / commercial tools and scripting languages. We understand that how important is product quality for our partners hence we provide end to end testing services.


We take care of complete testing needs of our partners by providing test experts for various domains and by conducting on-demand testing. We design test frameworks to reduce time on test execution,to maintain large set of test cases, data etc. We automate complete test suite using leading open source tools, Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) tools and various scripting languages and can execute whole regression suite over night. Our partners have shown their confidence in us by providing their products to us and we assist them in achieving their quality goals. We are capable of conducting on-demand testing whenever our partner needs us most. We also provide test consulting services on multiple aspects of testing as a whole, which are, pragmatic guidance on test policies, strategies and documentation; Reviews of testing methodologies and assessment of testing effectiveness; Recommendations on risk based testing approaches; Advice and guidance on test automation; Assistance with challenges of test management; Support and advice in recruiting testers and test managers; Providing key measures to demonstrate the value of testing; How to transition testing into an agile project etc.


We automate tests using open source tools, commercial tools and scripting languages. Below diagram explains our capabilities to large extent.