Each organization wishes to grow its business on sustainable basis.OpCord is a concept which understands that each organization has multiple factors / constraints which affect their growth.It believes that one needs to optimize when there are numerous factors instead of maximizing any one parameter. Here, we are listing some of the outputs which organizations are usually interested in:

Organizational Success Parameters

Customer Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction

Revenue (Top Line)

Profitability (Bottom Line)

Product / Project Success Parameters

Customer Satisfaction

Delivers expected functionality

Product Quality

Within Budget

Opcord optimizes three pillars of an organization, Products (or projects), People and Processes to improve organizational, products and projects Success Parameters. To achieve these, we provide services in the following areas:
We have adopted a “Circle of Principles” to instill high performing culture in the organization, which is:
Quality over time
Mentors than Managers
Innovation over compliance
Team spirit than individual excellence
Leading Indicators over lagging indicators
Lean documentation over comprehensiveness
Measure goodness of creations than defects
Face to face interactions than emails
Coordination over competition
Automation than Manual
Facts than intuitions
Our enormous confidence to achieve above mentioned results come from the five dimensions of strength, which are: