Software Estimation Techniques

The workshop provides information on various estimation techniques for estimation of size, effort and thereby derive project schedule. it enables participants to understand the principles of good estimation, function point based estimation, writing use cases, use case points estimation, deriving effort using productivity and schedule based on many factors with the use of a case study.

Objectives / Benefits

  • To help estimators in coming up with estimations using various techniques
  • To enable participants to understand the principles of good estimation, measuring function points, use case points and other estimation techniques


2 Days

Course Outline

Day 1
    • Ice breaking and workshop norms (15 min)
    • Overview of project management and context setting (15 min)
    • Introduction to Estimation (15 min)
    • Function Points Based Estimation (6 hours)
    • Overview to Function Points
    • Counting Data Functions
    • Counting Transaction Functions for the case study
    • Determine Value Adjustment Factor
    • Calculate Adjusted Function Points – Size of software
    • Calculating the Effort and Project Schedule
    • Case Study to arrive above function points
    • Case Study – Hands-on to participants
Day 2
  • Use Case Points based Estimation (5 hpurs)
  • What is Use Case? Terminologies used and Use Case model example
  • How to write effective use cases?
  • Use Cases formats
  • Typical Estimation Scenario for software
  • What is Use Case Point (UCP)?
  • Use Case Point Calculation Procedure (using case study)
  • UCP Estimation Tasks flow
  • Case Study – Hands-on to participants (participants will be asked to work on a case study)
  • Overview of other estimation techniques (2 hours)
  • Analogy Based
  • Metrics Based estimations
  • Expert Judgment Method – Delphi Wide Band Technique
  • Lines of Code estimation
  • Three Point estimation technique
  • Work break down structure based estimation
  • An Overview of COCOMO – II
  • Introduction to Basic COCOMO, COCOMO-II
  • Cost Drivers
  • Product attributes
  • Hardware attributes
  • Personnel attributes
  • Project attributes
  • Effort Multiplier Calculation
  • Procedure for Computation of Effort, Duration and Number Of Resources

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior and Middle Management in Delivery, Process group, Quality and Testing Teams, Project leaders, Test leads, Team leads etc
  • Senior managers in HR, Operations, other Support functions

How to Register?

Please call us at 91 – 9620887298 or write at to know about the Trainer and Cost for this program. One may also Click Here to register for this program and to get special offers/discounts for early registrants, group registrations and corporates.