Ms project tools usages

This course enables program/project managers (PMs) to manage programs/projects using MS-Project tool. MS Project tool helps PMs in breaking down tasks, identify potential bottlenecks and keep project on track.


Objectives / Benefits

  • To enable participants to prepare a project plan, enter tasks, develop calendars, define task dependencies, and assign resources etc.
  • To enable participants to baseline project, use various views, track progress, prepare reports and establish relationship with other plans.


1 day


Course Outline

  • Ice breaking and workshop norms (15 min)
  • Overview of project management and context setting (15 min)
  • Case Study initiation (15 min)
  • Preparation of schedule (1 hour)
  • Creation of tasks list or work breakdown structure
  • Defining milestones, phases, tasks
  • Sequencing of tasks
  • Dependencies among tasks
  • Creation of resources
  • Resource allocation
  • Defining start and finish date
  • Introduction and inclusion of various fields (30 min)
  • Demonstration of various views (30 min)
  • Defining calendars (30 min)
  • Demonstration of three default calendars
  • Creation of specific calendar for project
  • Defining holidays and vacations in calendar
  • Managing resources (30 min)
  • Reviewing resource workloads
  • Resource leveling
  • Cost tracking in MS-Project (15 min)
  • Optimizing duration by determining critical path (30 min)
  • Baselining of schedule and multiple baselines (30 min)
  • Advanced formatting of schedule (45 min)
  • Project tracking and controlling (45 min)
  • Entering actual in MS-Project
  • Re-planning schedule based on actual progress
  • Comparing with baseline and re-baselining
  • Measuring Performance With Earned Value Analysis
  • Reporting with MS-Project (45 min)
  • Discussion on the way to utilize the learning’s in the organization (30 min)

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior and Middle Management in Delivery, Process group, Quality and Testing Teams, Project leaders, Test leads, Team leads etc
  • Senior managers in HR, Operations, other Support functions

How to Register?

Please call us at 91 – 9620887298 or write us at: to know about the Trainer and Cost for this program. One may also Click Here to register for this program and to get special offers/discounts for early registrants, group registrations and corporates.