Android Course

This course is especially designed for the participants to understand Android concepts, develop Android applications and improve their job prospects.

Objectives / Benefits

  • To provide knowledge on Android Application, UI design, writing Android applications with Android SDK.
  • To enable better job prospects for job-seekers


  • 3 months : 6 weeks(3 full day classes every week), 6 weeks(Projects)

Course Outline

Week 1
  • Kick-Off and Ice-breaking
  • Introduction to Android
  • Android Architecture
  • Java Overview
  • Eclipse Overview
  • Assignments / Case study
Week 2
  • Java Programming with Eclipse
  • Android SDK
  • Android Programming: Hello World -programmatic UI
  • Assignments
Week 3
  • Android Programming: Hello World- through XML
  • Debugging with Eclipse
  • Tools used for Android Applications
  • Assignments / Projects
Week 4
  • Android Application Fundamentals
  • Assignments / Projects
Week 5
  • Various Android Versions and difference among those
  • Various API levels and example
  • Android UI Concepts and Design
  • Assignments / Projects
Week 6
  • Some more sample programs on UI
  • Designing for Multiple screen sizes
  • Porting to different device form factor, ie. different device sizes
  • Assignments / Projects
Week 7
  • Overview of SQLite
  • Android Cursor and Database
  • Android Application Programs – Contact Application
  • Assignments / Projects
Week 8
  • Android Application Programs – SMS Application
  • Android Application Programs – Playback Application
  • Assignments / Projects
Week 9
  • How to launch Google maps, and integrate Google search in applications
  • Overview of JSON
  • JSON vs XML and Example of application data exchange with JSON vs XML
  • Assignments / Projects
Week 10
  • Downloading applications to target
  • Debugging on target
  • Publishing Application
  • Android Phones in the Market
  • Assignments / Projects
Week 11 & 12
  • Mentoring on Real Time Projects to be continue

Who Should Attend?

Students and job-seekers from any discipline. Also, any interested candidates who wishes to make their career in mobile applications can join these courses.

Trainers Profile

Our trainers (includes IITians and industry veterans) have strong expertise on Android concepts, commercial and open source tools. Their profile can be accessed from our experts page. Also, OpCord experts will assist in providing real time experience and value to participants.

How to Register?

Please Click Here to know the schedule, venue and cost for the program. Please Click Here to register for the program and you may call us at 91-9620887298 to know about special offers/discounts for early registrants, group registrations and corporates.