At OpCord, we help organizations learn, implement and institutionalize best practics from various frameworks to excel their business. Individuals / teams / organizations may realize huge savings, higher productivity, product quality, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction through our learnings enhancement services. A structured approach also helps organization establish innovation culture and enables facts based informed decisions etc.

It includes in-depth knowledge of various frameworks, practices, methods, problem solving techniques, creative thinking, defect prevention, process bootcamp etc. We offer 2.5 days to 5 days workshops depending on framework for practitioners where they get to learn particular framework in depth and can start implementing it immediately. We also assist practitioners in implementation even after successful course completion.

Agile Methodologies in Indian context

This 2 days course enables organizations to become Agile and provides detailed understanding on Agile principles, values, various Agile methodologies etc. It also provides guidelines on the how to implement/deploy Agile practices and overcome existing cultural barriers, if any.   Objectives / Benefits To provide an overview of Agile history, values, principles and have detailed […]

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Overview of Agile Methodologies

It helps management in understanding the benefits of agile methodologies, like, XP, Scrum etc. It includes an overview of agile values, principles and various agile methodologies.

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Basics of Agile Methodologies

This course is designed to spread awareness on Agile Methodologies. It is a short orientation of 4 hours to help individuals in understanding the benefits and challenges of Agile methodologies, like, XP, Scrum etc. Objectives / Benefits To provide basics of Agile methodoogies, like, Agile values, principles and an overview of various Agile methodologies To […]

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